Scott Hillyer, Owner/Operator of Coffee Matters, says the concept of Coffee Matters is firstly, the experience of world class, freshly roasted coffee. The flavor and aroma of quality coffee from freshly roasted beans is what matters most too coffee drinkers. The other “matters” are the details people share and want to do it in an inviting and comfortable environment.

Who is Scott Hillyer? 

Scott is a proud father, volunteer, and businessman who likes to give back to the community.

Scott has worked in the food service community since the age of 15. During his time in the hospitality & restaurant industry, Scott has learned what matters most - great customer service, top-notch quality food & a clean and friendly environment. Scott loves people and likes to get to know his customers on a one on one basis. On any given day, you'll find Scott serving up coffee, making sandwiches, and clearing the odd table! He believes on a truly hands on approach!

Coffee Matters and Coffee Matters Express' are Italian inspired with high ceilings and columns, ornate moldings, décor and spacious seating areas. We offer our own line of high end desserts.  We offer fresh quality homemade soups and fresh, non-deli sandwiches. We serve fair trade and organic coffee from freshly roasted beans, right here in Newfoundland.  We source the highest quality beans. We offer 4 blends of coffee at all times. The quality of our product and presentation are crucial to the experience of each customer.

Since coffee is available just about everywhere, Coffee Matters wants to sell an experience. This is our product. The product begins with the design of our coffee house, our complete food and drink presentation and the quality of our employees.

We are interested in affecting our guests by our surroundings and proactive in making positive changes. When a customer leaves Coffee Matters, their primary impression is strongly directed by the service they’ve just received. Each person we hire reflects and affects the quality of our business.

Despite the effort in the design, look and presentation of our business, our management team and employees, are the cornerstone of this operation. We are focused on hiring great people, having the best quality ingredients to make our meals and providing a clean and enjoyable environment for our guests.